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Accessoires for Mobile Stages


with handle

Transport steering and castors

attached to the four corner brackets of a Praktikus staging unit to create a trolly

Stairs / Railing

Internal stage leg brackets

to connect 2 stage legs to the staging frame for staggered assembly of the Praktikus stage

External stage leg brackets

to connect the staging frame to the stage leg of the Praktikus stage with tiered assembly (staging frames undercut)

Coupling brackets

for additional connection of the plug feet for stepped and horizontal erection of our mobile stage plug foot stages.

Coupling brackets

to connect a stage frame with the plug foot of the plug foot stage in case of stepped erection and lateral cover (stage frame parallel).

Frame connector

for firm connection of Universal and Unistage stages.

Quick connector

guarantees to movement of stage platforms

Plastic strip

prevents steps in the stage in case of extreme loads (whilst dancing, for example)

Push-in rail

with Velcro strap to fit curtains including fastening parts

Protective capping

made of aluminium L profile 50 x 20 x 3 mm with mounting lug including attachment parts.

Mounting lug

with threaded carriage and hand wheel for protective capping


with Velco

Wooden screen

with sliding threads and sleeve nuts