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TOP 05

The permanently installed scissor lift stage
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For height from 20 to 80 cm as from the upper edge of the hall floor – mechanically adjustable.

With our Top 05 stage, tested by TÜV, you can erect a considerably-sized event stage within only a few minutes. Say good-bye to all hauling and fitting-in of elements!

On account of the newly developed lifting aid a tractive force of 9 kg per person only is sufficient to set the scissor lift stage Top05 (200 x 100 cm) from “0 position“ (even with the ground) to the requested height.

Another advantage of the Top 05 stage: Thanks to the fixed installation into the pit bottom practically no storage space is necessary. Only the accessory parts must be stored in another place.

Whenever the stage is not needed, it is lowered into the pit and, within an instant, it is transformed into a hard-wearing indoor floor. Distance between the elements: 4 mm.

Lifting and lowering of the stage via protected openings.

Rollers serve as a lifting aid; they facilitate the lifting of the stage from the ground-level “0”-position up to a height of 20 cm.

Brigitte Kimmel

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