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o plug-foot stage is lighter
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 „Praktikus Light” is the lightweight version of the popular „Praktikus stage series”. At 34 kg* only „Praktikus Light” is the lightest plug-foot stage on the market with a live load of max. 750 kg/sqm. At the same time it is assembled very easily – and that without any tools.

„Praktikus stages” belong to the most popular mobile stages on the market. The new „Praktikus Light“ extends the plug-foot stage series by a lightweight variant, which can be used outdoors even.

Low weight ensured by lightweight design

On account of a new screen printing plate (Fig. 01) we have reduced the weight considerably. At a size of 2 x 1 m “Praktikus Light” is almost a quarter lighter and weighs as little as 34 kg only. A special longitudinal bracing (Fig. 02) ensures the necessary stability and safety.
The fantastic thing is: „Praktikus Light“ is as stable as its big brothers. The technical inspectorate TÜV Thüringen has confirmed this. „Praktikus Light“ has a live load of 750 kg/sqm (according to test specification: EK 5/AK1 11-02:2012).

For outdoor use as well

„Praktikus Light“ is suitable also for indoor as well as outdoor events.

New quick release for maximum comfort and safety

In addition, we have fitted the new stage with our new quick release. The special feature: You need no tools to adjust the new eccentric clamp. Simply flip up the ergonomic lever and the clamp is free. Flip down and it is safely locked – without double pressure – this facilitates setup immensely.

No plug-foot stage is set up faster than our „Praktikus Light“ – and completely without tools.

Technical Data


200 x 100 cm

Useful area

2 sqm


34 kg

Traffic load (max)

750 kg/ sqm

Stacking height

9 cm

Brigitte Kimmel

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