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The inexpensive stage for protagonists
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A low-priced solution restricted to one or two fixed heights

Our Praktikus staging unit impresses with its easy handling.The strong and stable stage is low-cost and consequently a real winning design.

Inside as well as outside, for all kinds of events, our Praktikus stage is successfully used across Europe.

The stage legs are available in 20 cm locking heights Custom-made products are available in all heights and sizes.

In order to be able to set mobile stages to different heights, a large number of plug foot variants can be fallen back on. All plug feet can be mounted easily and without any problems.

For choir events, for example, triangular and trapeze elements can be fitted between the standard elements so that a nicer, more compact overall impression is produced.

Technical Data

Normal size

200 x 100 cm


from 29 kg

Loading capability

as defined in DIN 1055, GS-approved by the TÜV: 750 kg/m²

Brigitte Kimmel

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