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The variant with an even higher load-bearing capacity
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Lightweight, multipurpose and extremely load-resistant

Are you looking for a mobile stage? One whose loadbearing capacity is sufficient to allow it to be employed as a spectator rostrum as well? A stage which, in spite of that, is lightweight and can be simply structured? Then the correct one for you is the „Praktikus1000“ stage.

You can use the „Praktikus1000“ stage element both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable, in accordance with DIN 4112, for events where stage elements are employed for spectators as a scene area and rostrum, and is already successfully employed throughout Europe in the simpler variant as the „Praktikus750“ stage element.

No stage resembles any other. Every event places completely new demands on the size, shape and the loading of the stage elements employed. With a Praktikus insert-foot stage, almost all shapes are available according to customer preference.

With a weight of 32 kg, stage elements of the type Praktikus1000 belong to the lightweights, in spite of their high level of stability. This dramatically facilitates transport and structuring.

For scene areas or rostra, triangular, trapezoidal or round elements can be inserted for example, so that a more attractive and a more compact overall image is presented.

Technical Data

Normal size

200 x 100 cm


from 32 kg

Loading capability

1000 kg/m²

Storage height

9,7 cm

Brigitte Kimmel

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