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For especially high loads, such as spectator stands
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This will even take the load of a bear!

Our Dino stage is always used when a stage is required to withstand exceptional loads. It doesn’t matter if it’s outside or inside. For example, this mobile stage section offers various design possibilities but also varied combination options for any sporting, music or dance event.

Stage elements of Dino type can be mounted on one level as well as on several levels (as audience stands of up to 3 m in height, for example).

Edge protection for flooring or subfloor is guaranteed. The surrounding groove ensures accuracy of fit for all our accessories.

At a storage height of 12 cm only, the plug foot stage Dino is a real narrow element. Special attention has been given to the high load-carrying capacity, in particular, of 750 kg/sqm, which the German Technical Control Board (TÜV) has tested in keeping with German standard DIN 4112. In addition, the Dino stage can be set up to 2 m in height without struts and up to 3 m with struts.

Technical Data

Normal size

200 x 100 cm


35 kg

Loading capability

as defined in DIN 1055 GS-approved by the TÜV: 750 kg/m²

Brigitte Kimmel

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