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Like “Basis”, but even easier to set up
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The Unistage Profi scissor lift stage is the light variant of our height-adjustable mobile stage pedestal – everything made of aluminium.

The stage frame and the Y scissor system in lightweight construction in aluminium. Guaranteed structural stability by mobile and height-adjustable load distributors.

Ideal height distribution ensured by our new release with hand lever and Bowden cable. Easy adjustment possible at 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 cm. The topmost safety is ensured by the bolts locking into the aluminium frame. Inclination of the stage is possible at all heights. Stacking height 20 cm

These pedestals can be operated especially quickly and easily because the stage height can be adjusted without turning the pedestal.

Special sizes and heights are available upon request.

Technical Data

Normal size

200 x 100 cm


20 cm to 100 cm


from 53 kg

Loading capability

as defined in DIN 1055 GS-approved by the TÜV: 750 kg/m²

Brigitte Kimmel

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