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Mott slims down the podium
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Mott slims down the podium New stage – only 4 cm thickness 

‘Mott-Optimus‘ convinces with its dimensions 70 x 140 centimetres and only 15 kg. This ultra-light version among podiums and mobile stages is for both indoor and outdoor use. The robust design with strong aluminium frame and integrated feet with automatic safety lock allows a very fast set-up and take down for one person in the twinkling of an eye. In addition, this compact podium fits into every car. There are no annoying simple parts that can also be lost very quickly. The surface load of ‘Mott-Optimus‘ is around 500 kg/m². Built in timeless design, simple handling and to last for eternity: Mott emphasizes its leading role in this business with this novelty.
‘With our Optimus we are responding to the needs of the market‘ explained Jürgen Junker, managing director of the enterprise. He also told that the organizers have asked for a handy podium that could be set-up and took down easily by one person and a platform that requires less space in the warehouse.
The stacking height for mobile platforms is usually up to ten centimetres. So the slimming cure of ‘Mott-Optimus‘ is a minor revolution within podiums and stages – the newcomer is available with heights 20, 40 and 60 cm. All accessories, like stairways and connectors of Mott are compatible with ‘Mott-Optimus‘.

Technical Data


70x140 cm

Useful area

1 m²


15 kg

Traffic load (max)

500 kg


20, 40 and 60 cm

Stacking height

4 cm

Brigitte Kimmel

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