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With patented single-column elliptical fittings and table top with 28 mm in thickness
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The new “Design Line” folding table is an innovative further development of our “Design Light” folding table. The “Design Line” has been provided with patented table fitting with an oval central column and integrated stacking buffer.

On account of the new table fittings, the supporting brackets which are need for conventional table fittings are no longer required. In addition, we can do without a separate snap-on lock and a fold-out protection. Everything is already integrated in the patented fittings.

The new folding table is available in the standard height of 73 cm and as from a length of 120 cm. It is completely foldable and stackable, and can be combined with every tabletop.

The tabletops are available in the following finishes:
light beige, birch grey (standard) and the current special colours.

Special orders are possible.

Technical Data


73 cm

Width/ Length

45 - 80 cm / 120 - 180 cm


28 mm

Table shape


Jörg Staritz