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Further development of the "Dialog" folding table, powder-coated or chromium-plated.
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The metal fitting holders bevelled by 45 deg., which are patented all over Europe, is the spacer for stacking the tables at the same time. These newly developed fittings are hardly visible anymore. The stacking height is only about 70 mm now.

The table is completely foldable and stackable ass from the table dimension of 160 cm. Of course, the relaunch fittings can be used for smaller tables as well, but in this case has to be transported and stored upright. Transport carriage specifically built for the purpose is available.

Sizes and constructions of the tabletops are identical with the “Dialog” folding tables. The fittings are legally protected by EU design patients.

Technical Data


73 cm

Breite / Länge

40 - 80 cm / 120 - 180 cm


19,5 mm

Jörg Staritz